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At Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, the emphasis is on unconditional love and acceptance for members of the congregation and for members of the community. Visit us and discover boundless opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, along with meaningful ways to make a real difference in your community. You will be greeted with genuine warmth and embraced by a supportive extended family. We invite you to come and share in the joy of the Good News that God actually loves everyone. Our happiness, hope and eternal good matter to Him so much that he allowed His Son, Jesus Christ, to pay for all our sins in full and give us life in heaven by having taken our punishment on the cross for us. 

The people of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Trinity 75th Celebration Continues On In 2014

"FOR HIS GLORY for all generations" is still stuck in our minds and lives, hopefully, for good! And as this verse from Ephesians 3:20-21 also says, we give Him the glory for our church, our faith, our lives and for everything good as He alone "by the power working in us can do far more than anything we ask or imagine." This means He is not finished with us or the 75th celebration He has started here at Trinity. Each month will bring us some additional reasons to give Him the glory while our next major celebration will be Sept. 14th (Rally Day) when we will again have special guests, musicians, speakers, vocalists, and of course good food and special post-worship activities.SISTER PRODUCTIONS, music, theatre and more will provide  excellence in worship and a 1-one hour performance concert and more after the Divine Service in our gymnasium. Small Sunday School children, youth and adults will find SISTERS PRODUCTIONS to be a special gift from our Lord.

For Those Wishing To Look Into Membership

If you are interested in finding out about such matters as God, life, death, hope comfort and more you will want to check out our 10-lesson course on the basic teaching of the Bible and Christian faith through our free study offered Wednesdays at church, 7:35-8:30 p.m. and taught by Pastor May beginning Sept. 12. You may get in on the class at any point on a Wednesday night. There is no obligation upon taking and/or finishing the study. Everyone is welcome.

Our Youth Will Be On The Move Again!

Just around the corner for more Trinity Youth action is the visit to the movie theater to see the much talked about film "America, Imagine The World Without Her," Sunday, July 27th. And then moving into August we will be helping with Vacation Bible School "Gangway To Galilee" Adventures In God's Grace - Aug. 4-7th 9:00-11:30 a.m. August 21-23 will be our Youth Retreat up north to Park Falls. Sunday, August 31st will our round of golf at The Red Barn or Zip Lining at Lake Geneva (choice). Continue to invite and bring your friends. If you have any questions call Pastor - 362-2227 any time.


This summer our worship time will be devoted to one larger Divine Service to bring all of Trinity's family together as one and to help our newer members and present members to mix and meet. BEGINNING MAY 25TH through SEPTEMBER 14TH SUNDAY MORNING TIMES WILL BE: BIBLE CLASS AT 8:15 AND WORSHIP AT 9:15 (with a Sunday School time for children incorporated into part of the service time). May this modest adjustment be a blessing to all concerned. *(In addition, we will have our Saturday Worship at 1:15 p.m. each 2nd Saturday of the month.) 


Please note that our VBS (Vacation Bible School) will be a bit deeper into summer this year: Aug. 4-8th at the usual time of 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Daily.  "Gangway To Galilee" is our exciting theme, ages 3 to grade 6. It's all about Jesus' ministry on and around the shores of the Sea of Galilee, showing us how much He loves us and forgives us of our sins and so keeps us safe for now and for eternity! Everyone is invited and welcomed to attend! Let's all "Tell It On The Mountain!"

Trinity Plans Ebay Appraisal Fair - June 22, 2014 10:30-12:30 a.m.

Trinity has recently set up a non-profit selling page on Ebay. Sellers can now list auctions and give a percentage (10-100%) of the sale directly to the church. The appraisal fair is an opportunity for you to bring items, find out its value, and have them listed on Ebay for sale: 10:30 - 12:30 a.m. June 22nd.  Once an item is sold, the consigner will receive all funds minus the donation amount. Don't be afraid to bring in any type of item. You will be amazed what will sell on Ebay!

This is an excellent opportunity to support the mission and ministry of the church, do a little spring cleaning and make a little profit along with it. Each order that goes out will carry specific and win-some hard copy message to our friends about our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you are unable to attend the event, contact Lance Bukove at 608-299-8159 for a personal evaluation.


Part 1 on Palm Sunday, April 13 was exciting and faith-building, and so will Part 2 on Sunday, Sept. 14th at 9:15 with special musical guests "Sister Production" - former choir director, Lorraine Heine's (now sainted) talented nieces join us for worship and concert. As always it will be 'FOR HIS GLORY.....for all generations" - Ephesians 3:20-21!


HT-Radio is a weekly  radio program hosted by Pastor George Borghardt and his trusty sidekick Jon Kohlmeier. Some of the topics covered are what going on in the church year, recent movie reviews, surviving high school as a Lutheran and all sorts of other fun things. Keep up to date with HT-Radio and HTV on our Facebook page: facebook.com/Higher/Things


We will be getting our 2014 confirmands together Sunday, August 17 to highlight this year's program and begin acolyte training. Call the church office if you have any questions 362-3607.